Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Day Well Spent, Oil On Stretched Canvas, 16x20
With this painting, I wanted to capture what if feels like emotionally and physically to be out in nature on a beautiful fall afternoon. The sun is dropping fast. Your heart quickens as you realize how much earlier it sets these days. You feel as though you want to rush to take in every last bit before it is gone.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wish You Were Here, Oil on Linen, 18x24
Studio painting 12/12/13
With temperatures hovering around 0ยบ, can you blame me for indulging in a little reminiscence of our Mexican vacation/painting trip in the winter of 2010. This studio painting is based on a 9x12 field study I did on location. The original field study was painted in the morning under a slightly hazy sky. It must have rained the night before, because there was a lot of dirt trapped by the breakers. It was a bit disappointing, but we had come to paint, so paint we did.

As I was cleaning up, I remember thinking to myself how much nicer the afternoon light was. This week's studio painting is based largely on that memory. The fronts of the buildings are lit. The water is crystal clear and the breakers have taken on that iridescent quality they get when the light shines through them.

Wish You Were Here, Oil on Linen, 9x12
plein air study,  2/14/10