Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Empties Waiting, Oil on linen panel, 16x12
"Painted from memory while on location" seems like a contradiction in terms but it really isn't. Two days in a row I set up on this location hoping to capture the late afternoon light on these barges and Autumn leaves. Both days I barely got some color notes committed to canvas before the clouds moved in turning everything to beige and grey. Before I was done on the second day, I was painting in sleet. I had to explain to more than one passersby as there eyes travelled back and forth between my sunlit painting and the grey day, "This is what it looked like an hour or so ago."

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Prismatic Path, Oil on mounted linen, 12x16
Capturing a moment in time is always a challenge. Yesterday we arrived at this location in mid-aftenoon. The spot I picked to set up my easel had a nice roll to the land. Although it was pretty evenly lit when I got there, I knew that the background trees would soon be in deep shadows. I wanted there to be a lot of contrast between the bright fall colors and the deepening shadows of late afternoon. Although one can never be completely sure what will be lit in a couple hours and what will be in shadow, one must make an educated guess and start laying down the paint. I had to make adjustments as I went but nothing too major. I was surprised at just how intense the colors became as the sun dropped in the sky. I found myself pumping cadmiums into the painting at an alarming rate. I was worried that I might be making the common mistake of overdoing yellows and oranges in the golden hour, but when I looked at the painting today in midday light, I felt I had not gone quite far enough in a couple of places and added a bit more color. The painting was about 95% done on location.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fishing at Sunrise, Oil on linen, 12x16 (SOLD)
Painted earlier this month just as the Fall colors were starting to peek through. 

I sold this painting yesterday during the Saint Paul Art Crawl before I had a chance to post it here or on my website.

Starting today I am opening my studio for private showings. 
If you see something you like and would like to see the original, or would like to see something similar, I would be more than happy to make an appointment with you for a private viewing in my studio. Just send me an e-mail telling me what you would like to see and we'll work out the details. I look forward to seeing you at my studio.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So Calm, So Quiet, Oil on linen panel, 16x12
painted 6/21/2013