Monday, June 10, 2013

Lofting Over Old Miss, Oil on Linen Panel, 24x18
(Revised 6/21/13)
Jerri Jo and I have painted here before. This time we brought our big linen panels. I thought the painting was pretty much done when we were cleaning up at sunset, I felt differently once I got it back to the studio. It had been a very grey day on location, but the sun did peek out for a couple minutes, so I mixed up a bit of the sunshine lit tree colors while on location, and roughed in where the sun lit the trees on the foreground island and distant river flats. On a grey day, it is easy to underplay the color, When the sun went back behind the clouds, I thought I had plenty of color on the sunlit passages. Once I got it back to the studio, I realized it needed much more color to capture what I remember being there and what I truly love about this location.


  1. Interesting composition Tom! I have got to get out to FrameWorks to see your show.

  2. I did a horizontal at the same location 2 years ago.