Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Feeling Their Oats, Oil on Linen, 12x16
(Revised 3-29-12)
On yet another 70ยบ March day we ran across these two horses yucking it up. First one would whinny, then the other. Then they'd both stomp around. At one point, while they were out of view, I heard what could only be a horse kicking the barn door. I'm going to assume they were just having a good time, but one never knows.

Originally I painted the horses running , but for some reason, it didn't feel right, so today I straightened out their legs to make them appear to be just standing. It seems to fit the peaceful feel of the scene a little better.

Friday, March 23, 2012

James at High Water, Oil on Linen, 9x12 (SOLD)
Anyone who grew up in Jamestown, ND knows exactly where this was painted.  When I was in my teens, you would find me somewhere in, around, or on this lake most days during summer. This was painted last year. That wasn't that long ago. Still I got it out today to fix a couple minor issues and ended up basically repainting the whole thing.
Cows with a View, Oil on Linen, 9x12
Another one going to North Dakota next month. I should say it's going BACK to North Dakota. I painted this one a couple years ago outside Katherine North Dakota. I reworked about half of it this morning.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just Off the Preserve, Oil on Linen, 12x16
A rarity in the winter of 2011-12, snow. Still, I took advantage of every opportunity to paint it when it was around. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dawn of a New Spring, Oil on Linen, 12x16
I don't get out painting before dawn nearly enough! I had this canvas pretty well covered by the time the sun broke over the trees. Good thing too, because minutes after sunrise, the clouds moved off and with them the golds and pinks I love to paint.
Not Quite Gone and Forgotten, Oil on Canvas, 12x16
This is yet another painting from the past given new life. the original was painted in the Sheyenne River Valley of North Dakota several years ago. I pulled it out the other day and basically repainted it right on top of the original. I doubt very much that this old shed is still standing.

I have a show in Unison Bank in my hometown of Jamestown North Dakota during the month of May.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

 March Morning, Oil on Linen, 12x16
 Saturday morning in March
up before dawn
a blank canvas
looking for something to paint

March Afternoon, Oil on Linen, 12x16
Same day
afternoon sun
snow is almost gone
standing in a deer bed